Available for hire for a day or a week or a month with or without an operator.


A Cherry Picker (more correctly known as a MEWP, or mobile elevated working platform) has the distinct advantage when compared with conventional equipment such as ladders and towers, of being more manoeuvrable without needing more manpower.  It is also considerably cheaper than scaffolding.

This Nifty 90 is a small, trailer-mounted model that can be safely operated by one person and can be towed to site behind either a conventional car, a 4x4 or a small van fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball.  It can be set up in confined spaces where its simple, reliable hydraulic controls mean that even first-time operation is simple and straightforward.

A retractable telescopic axle allows the Nifty 90 access through doorways and gates to the inside of a building or to the rear, as it only requires an opening of 0.9m (35ins) wide x 1.8m (5ft 11ins) high.  The 'zero emission' battery power pack allows it to work cleanly and quietly both inside and outside.

Lock valves on all the cylinders, micro-switch interlocks on all outriggers and a harness attactment point on the cage all help to ensure it is safe to use, giving the operator the confidence to complete their task quickly and efficiently.

For extended operation (more than one day) there is a built-in automatic battery changer than can be powered by either 230V or 110V supply.  (A 230V connection cable can be supplied for hire on request.)

Some typical jobs that can be carried out with the machine.....

Building and Property Maintenance

A wide range of property repairs (up to 2 storeys) including windows & gutters etc. We can provide a skilled tradesman for straightforward jobs, if required.

Gutter Repairs

Fitting or repairs to Gutters, Fascias and Soffits including painting, cleaning and installation.

Painting and Decorating

General DIY maintenance around the house including windows, gutters and drainpipes.

Lighting and Electrical

Installation and repair of high-level lighting and electrical installations including street lights and warehouses. Also signs, banners and hoardings.


Installation and repair of CCTV cameras and lighting. PIR detectors can also be fitted.

Tree Work

Pruning and cutting of trees and hedges up to 30ft/9m. Plus pet rescue and bird proofing. Note: Use for tree cutting requires an additional cleaning charge of £20.


This diagram shows the main dimensions of the machine. Remember it is only suitable for 2-storey buildings - maximum working height of approx 9m. It cannot be used to access 3-storey (or higher) buildings.


About Us and the Machine

We bought a Mobile Work Platform (Cherry Picker) recently to do some specialist work. However, the equipment is not in use every day (or even every week) and it is expensive to have inspected/tested every 6 months. To help offset some of these costs, when we are not using it, it is offered for hire at competitve rates.

The machine itself is easily towed behind any reasonable family-sized car and can be moved on level ground by one (or preferably) two people. It will extend up to 7.5m giving a maximum working height of approx 9m (30ft) which is enough to get to mid-roof level on a trypical 2-storey house or small block of flats.

It cannot be moved up (or down) steps, up or down a steep slope or round a sharp, narrow corner. A minimum flat and level space of 2.1m by 4.3m is required for operation.

Personal Info

  •   07989 557888
  •   Old Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2LF


If you would like to make a booking or general enquiry, please use this form...

Hire Rates


£100 per day (or part) or £300 per week Monday to Friday or £360 for 7 days.

Weekend hire £180.00.

Second week and longer term rates subject to discount.

Plus £50 refundable deposit - held against damage, damaged or missing accessories, excess cleaning charge and/or Cancelled Booking (£20 always charged after tree cutting)

This is for machine without driver, pick up from Old Coulsdon.

Delivery/collection/on-site instruction available from £30.

Operator available at extra cost of £30/hr.

This machine is only available to hire within our local area i.e. within 20miles or 30minutes of CR5 postcode.

Payment terms: £50 deposit due with booking; hire fee due in full at start of hire, refunds will be paid within 24hrs of end of hire.

One day hire = collect from 8.00 a.m. and return by 5.00 p.m.  OR we will deliver to site approx 9.30 to 10.00 a.m. and collect between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.

All payments to be by Cash or Credit/Debit card.  Driver's ID will be required.

You can now pay the Hire Deposit here

Terms & Conditions

1> It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure there is suitable access to the site and that all work to be carried out is within the dimensions given above e.g. absolute maximum working height is 9m (the basket maximum height is 7.5m) and absolute side reach is 2.5m at mid-height.

2> We require at least 24hrs notice of all Hire bookings.  A deposit of £50 plus the Delivery/Collection charge (if applicable) is required to confirm the booking.  The £50 deposit will not be returned if the Hiring is cancelled for any reason.  A charge will be payable for Delivery to site (if applicable) in the event of cancellation. The balance of the Hire Fee is payable at commencement of Hire.

3> The £50 deposit (less £20 cleaning charge if used for Tree Cutting) will be returned within 24hrs of the end-of-hire if the machine is returned in a clean, undamaged condition complete with all accessories.  Any new paint drips or scratches or other marks to the machine will result in the deposit being retained.